About Us

Sealco is a leader in coatings and sealants for concrete flooring and steel roofing. Sealco has acquired 40 plus years of experience in epoxy floor coatings, concrete polishing, and Sealco spray caulking.

We specialize in applications for roofs and floors of 10,000 square feet or more. Our coatings and sealants are perfect for warehouses, manufacturing plants, parking garages, hospitals, auditoriums and many other large commercial or industrial facilities.

Our SPRAYCAULK Flexible Sealant resists sunlight, heat, cold and ponding water. It offers outstanding adhesion and has a 30+ year life expectancy. Our method places more of the needed material on problem areas, thus saving you money and solving your problem.

Our custom formulated two-component epoxy floor coating provides non-slip flooring in warehouse and production areas. It is durable, long lasting and chemical resistant.

Our concrete polishing and sealants restores dull or damaged concrete. Our multi-step polish is sleek, shiny, and easy to maintain.

We are proud to have developed proven methods and formulated resins for helping our customers save money and prevent expensive damage. We provide superior service and a product that will last years of wear and tear.